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Structured Cabling

Complex and powerful, CTS Structured Cabling solutions are installed with precision and look as good as they perform.

The central nervous system of any business or facility, Structured Cabling is an absolutely necessary part of connecting and protecting the inner workings of your building or institution. Data transmitters and Fiber Optic cables do the work most people never give a second thought to, and it’s important that they and the network powering the life of your business are fast, safe, and stable. CTS Solutions for Structured Cabling include:

  • Voice
  • Video
  • Data
  • Fiber Optics

Fully equipped and professionally trained, the CTS team has the experience and insight to integrate a dependent network that exceeds warranty standards and serves your business with lightning efficiency, all while securely transmitting data and protecting your sensitive information. And to top it off, we promise a clean install and finished product—we care about your appearance, and the appearance should be as good as the performance. We would appreciate the opportunity to quote your next Structured Cabling project.