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Integrated Security

Protect, connect, control—the basis for your building’s safety and comfort starts with our Integrated Security solutions.

The Integrated Security solutions at CTS are more than individual products that perform select tasks in your work environment. Now more than ever, technology is changing the way we live—it’s making us smarter, more efficient, and safer. And the Integrated Security systems we provide are designed and installed to act as a single network, seamlessly synced with your business to provide exceptional security, comfort, efficiency, and peace of mind. These systems include:

  • Intrusion Alarm
  • Access Control
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • CCTV/IP Video

These systems take advantage of the power of today’s technology, allowing you to control the environmental and safety settings of your building remotely and stream security video feeds to a computer, tablet, or smartphone. When it comes to the most efficient use of your time and money, we understand the needs of your business and how to maximize your process and your production—all while bringing your work environment to the maximum level of safety. With a steady guard against mishaps and off-site monitoring solutions available, CTS is able to take the load of micromanagement off your mind and replace it with an assurance that your business is operating at peak efficiency and safety through our Integrated Security Solutions. We would appreciate the opportunity to quote your next Integrated Security project.