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Life Safety

Engineered and installed to defend against disaster and help your building meet the required safety codes.

We don’t take chances with the welfare of our employees or our business, and neither do you. The Life Safety solutions we offer at CTS are designed and integrated into your building with seamless precision using top-of-the-line products—systems that defend against disaster and help your building meet all the required local and national safety codes. These systems include:

  • Fire Alarms
  • Voice Evacuation
  • Mass Notification
  • Area Rescue

Our experience and familiarity with the product options means that you can trust CTS to provide your office or workplace with everything it needs to ensure top-notch security. The goal of our group is to go beyond necessity, mapping out solutions that strive to completely prevent injuries and the loss of lives or materials. With careful planning, quality equipment, and experienced installers, CTS has real solutions for whatever needs your situation requires. We would appreciate the opportunity to quote your next Life Safety project.